Managed IT Services in Columbus Ohio

So, what is a managed computer or network, and why is it important to your business?

If you have a PC or a network that is being ‘managed’, it means that you have someone responsible for and ensuring that routine tasks are being performed on your systems and your network is being monitored to identify potential problems. This, in turn, creates a more stable and predictable computing environment.

On the other hand, computer that are NOT MANAGED typically exhibit these characteristics:

  • Higher overall operating costs
  • More frequent hard ware and software problems
  • Small problems that become serious ones
  • Unexpected failures
  • Inability to recover quickly when disruption occurs
  • Higher rate of security breaches
  • Less secure information
  • Higher employee frustration and lower morale
  • Lower employee productivity

In response to our clients’ needs, InfoGuard has developed a suite of managed services to keep watch over the servers, systems, and network peripherals that support their computing needs. Just like a soldier standing his post, these services stand watch over your computers to alert our technicians of developing issues and ongoing maintenance needs.

Real Time Monitoring checks your systems throughout the day. Whenever it registers a problem, it sends an email showing the exact nature of the problem directly to us. We’ll see the true nature of the problem rather than having to depend on a best guess. That means we can fix it faster and boost your overall uptime.
The system can inventory software and deploy updates to programs such as Windows, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Firefox, and many more. It also checks for status of data backup jobs and antivirus updates. The ‘Remote Control’ feature, with the client’s consent, easily allows for faster remediation through remote access.

  • Sentry for Servers – For about $2 a day, real-time server monitoring will provide notification of critical issues, rapid response functionality when there’s a problem, and, certain issues will be automatically remedied.
  • Sentry for PCs and Laptops – Because your working day is dependent upon your PC, it is essential that the equipment is ready-to-use at any time. Sentry for Systems conducts start-of-day checks to ensure your systems are in peak condition – all just for pennies a day per PC.
  • Sentry with Antivirus – When you combine an Antivirus Agent with the Sentry Monitoring Service you can rest easy in the knowledge that your antivirus is always up-to-date.