Governments Looking At Fining Companies For Not Protecting Data

The British Government has had enough. The past several years have seen a large and growing number of high-profile data breaches with every year breaking the last year’s records in total number of attacks and total number of compromised records. Even so, a shockingly low number of companies seem to have gotten the memo that… Read more »

Study Shows High Percentage Of People Would Disclose Info For Savings

Smart device manufacturers are learning a lesson that most internet-based service companies know very well. At least half of the consumer market is willing to trade their personal information, and trade it cheaply, according to a recent study conducted by Parks Associates titled, “The Value of Data – New Smart Home Business Models.” The key… Read more »

New Bill May Help Secure Internet-Connected Devices

“Sometimes the wheel turns slowly, but it turns.” That quote, made famous by Lorne Michaels, certainly applies in the case of the government’s involvement in securing internet-connected devices. By now, almost everyone has at least one “smart” device in their home or driveway. Projections are that there will be more internet-connected devices than computers and… Read more »

Update Windows With Latest Patch To Fix Windows Search Bug

Microsoft just released its August 2017 security patch, as is customary on Patch Tuesday, which, by itself, is not news. The importance of this particular security update, however, is extremely newsworthy, and if you’re not in the habit of installing security updates when they come out, you’ll want to grab this one. On its face,… Read more »

Attack Finds Employee Personal Account Use, Password Security To Blame

Even cybersecurity companies struggle with data security. Case in point: FireEye, a well-known and well-respected player in the industry, has had this struggle. Recently, they fell victim to a successful hacking attack conducted by a group called “31337.” Of interest, the hackers didn’t breach the corporate network, but instead, hacked into a number of one… Read more »